Brand New AN8206 Overload protection Mini Digital Multimeter LCD Large Screen Display Wave Output Ampere Voltage Ohm Tester

camera lens glass, aquarium led

28mm Sleeving

2 x aa battery ( not included ). Wholesale temperature outdoor. 2m - 20m - 200m - 10a + 1.8%. Testing frequency : Display "ol". 200m/2v-/+0.5%,20/200/600v-/+0.8%. Sound measures. About 30 x 55 mm (1.2 x 2.2 inch). Steel cooking oven thermometer probe. -10°c ~50°c. 200ua/2ma/20ma+-(1.0%+2)/200ma+-(1.5%+2)/10a+-(3.0%+2). Wholesale 240 gb ssd. Dc1.5v aaa. Wholesale led microscope light ring. Humidity controller. Pci slot expressCores: 12 * 7 * 2cm. 8a for 120/250vac (resistance load). 

1.8 Digital

Approx. 41g. Usb 500x. 200ohm--20mohm. Aluminum oxide ceramic. 1% of reading or 1°c. 2x 1.5v aaa battery(excluding). 600ohm/6kohm/60kohm/600kohm/6mohm/60mohm. El34 tube amps. Size: Weajavascript:void(0);ther clock size: 20-160mm. Up to 120 feet. Ide arduino. 

Antenna Wifi Extension Cable

Product type: Hygrometer + thermometer. Wf16x. 25pf - 100mf. Ncv tester. Eeprom i2c. 64x85x25mm. 12:1(only gm270  8:1). Lm75a. F130 endoscope camera. 200mv/2v/20v200v/600v. Human body digital thermometer. Spectrtal response: 

Arduino Modules

No.9595. 2*aaa 1.5v battery (not include). Microscope polarizing. Cnlandtek. Wholesale barrys tea. Wholesale 35kw induction heating. Test hook multimeter. 1 x 9v battery (not included). Xh-w1308. 145 x 90 x 35mm. 

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Oh my god, I’ve just seen HIM live again on December 29th at Helldone MMXV. This was the second time I saw them and also the second time I went to Finland. Best show ever. Great setlist, we got Heartkiller (like one of my faves) and we finished by Rebel Yell! They were so great, smiling, chatting with the audience, Jukka is a very good drummer, loved his skills! I miss them so much already and I can’t wait to hear new stuff from them. 

Kiitos. ♥ (pics are all mine!)


Screamworks, my fave album ever

the year is 2096


ville valo is still eating microphones